Sea marine and diving services

Commercial Diving Services

Sea Marine and Diving Services provides comprehensive Commercial diving services to clients along Australia’s East Coast, the Pacific Islands and beyond.

Marine Construction

Professional marine construction, inspection and maintenance services for all sectors; government and commercial to private works.

Marine Asset Inspection, Repair and Maintenance

SMADS are qualified to inspect, rebuild and repair all jetties, wharfs and seawalls, along with providing ongoing maintenance for the protection of your marine assets.

Wet Welding / Broco

Underwater welding has evolved into an accepted method of construction and repair of engineered structures.

Hydraulic tools, Cutting Drilling Grinding.

SMADS is equipped with various amounts of certified underwater hydraulic tools which include impact drills, grinders, rock hammers, cutters, drills, cutters, chainsaws, and hydraulic rams.

Water Blasting

Underwater high-pressure water blasting is a very effective means of cleaning and removing fouling or scale from underwater structures.

Video and Photo Survey

All SMADS underwater video systems are built for rugged onshore use, with capabilities for control of video from the connected cameras

NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) 

Non-destructive testing is to identify potential abnormalities underwater and meet inspection requirements for fixed concrete, steel structures.


SMADS has a large amount of shipping experience spread throughout the 15 divers employed in our Sydney
and Newcastle outfits

Pile Restoration

With the ability to encapsulates wharf piles, riser pipes and exposed piping in splash and intertidal zones which seals out oxygen and water


Providing marine salvaging, dredging and surveying operations to identify and retrieve items of all sizes; from vessels to submerged debris.

Contamination Diving

Specialised suits allow for contamination diving in hazardous environments such as sewerage or contaminated waters.

Cathodic Protection Installation and inspection

SMADS has the capability to install all types of subaqueous systems designed by the leading corrosion control companies in the industry.

Nitrox Supply

Allows Divers to work longer and safer at depth

Seagrass friendly moorings

Our environmentally friendly, cost effective methods to moor a vessel without damaging the seabed.

Accredited Marine Construction & Commercial Diving

Sea Marine and Diving Services deliver a diverse range of professional, ADAS-accredited services to clients requiring marine construction, salvage, asset inspection, repair and maintenance.

SMADS services locations along Australia’s East Coast, the Pacific Islands and beyond from our Sydney headquarters and base in Newcastle. Our teams of highly-experienced commercial divers and crew have the skills and capabilities required to safely complete a variety of underwater operations in all coastal, inland and offshore marine environments.

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Australia-wide commercial Diving

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