Plant & Equipment

SMADS has an extensive range of plant and equipment, giving us the capabilities to handle jobs of all sizes and complexities.

Our range includes:

  • 16m x 8m work barge with 12 tonne crane;
  • Self-propelled landing barge;
  • Dumb barges;
  • 3 tonne spider crane;
  • Offshore 2C vessels;
  • Work/ dive punts with crane;
  • Plant and equipment boats;
  • Runabouts;
  • Floating work platform/pontoon;
  • Mobile dive containers;
  • Large crane trucks with winch systems;
  • large pan tech trucks;
  • 6 commercial diving spreads;
  • Underwater hydraulic buffers, underwater hydraulic drills, underwater hydraulic chainsaws, underwater hydraulic jack hammers, underwater hydraulic grinders, underwater cutting and burning equipment;
  • Water/ hydro blasters;
  • Dredging equipment;
  • Video and photo; equipment;
  • NDT equipment;
  • Underwater welding equipment;
  • Underwater burning equipment;
  • Portable containerised Nitrox System for all deep diving and much more.

All our plant and equipment are also available for hire – please get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements.

Australia-wide commercial Diving

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