HMAS Creswell

About project

  • Underwater burning and cutting (broco) old 800 diameter steel piles at seabed
  • Rig up piles to be lifted out
  • Jackhammer the rock at seabed area for the new 1200 diameter steel piles to be driven
  • Install ladders
  • Re-build a 45m timber jetty with new piles, fenders, timber stairs, headstocks a girders
  • Install 21 HDPE jackets to the new piles from the headstock to 300mm below seabed
  • Mix and pour UW grout Into jackets
  • Seabed video surveys
  • Rig up debris and lift bag to the surface off seabed
  • Dredge seabed to find old de-commissioned cables, broco cut cables into sections, rig up and remove
  • Install new cables on seabed

Project details

  • Category: Commercial Diving Marine Construction
  • Location:South Coast
  • Duration:06/2016 – 01/2017