Marine Asset Inspection, Repair and Maintenance

SMADS has expert teams of commercial divers and carpenters with the experience, equipment and expertise to inspect, rebuild and repair all jetties, piles and seawalls, along with providing a comprehensive asset maintenance schedule for ongoing peace of mind for your marine assets.

We provide a full-service; from underwater and topside inspections – to determine the level of damage and repairs needed – to all aspects of the construction and ongoing maintenance to protect against and prevent damage in the future.

Our services include:

● Surveys/Inspections
● Non-Destructive Testing
● Pile splicing and restoration
● Pile Wrapping/Jacketing Systems
● Pressure cleaning
● Marine carpentry
● Refurbishment and repairs
● Full reporting

Seawall Repairs, Cleaning and Inspection

If your seawall is covered in marine growth, you may not be able to determine its true condition. Our Commercial Diving team can pressure-clean your seawall, analyse the extent of any damage and provide a report and photographs along with recommendations for repairs required.

We highly recommend maintaining your seawall with regular, expert inspections. This helps to uncover any undermining issues before they become a problem. Without fast, accurate diagnosis and repair, this could put you at risk of your seawall collapsing and/or the land behind the wall gradually decaying. Prevention is always more cost-effective than a cure.

Pile Repairs, Strengthening and Refurbishment

SMADS can utilise many methods to strengthen a pile according to your budget and the repairs that are required. We offer a full range of steel, concrete and timber pile rehabilitation systems which include petrolatum tapes, fibreglass jackets, epoxy grouts and many other products.

Jetty Repairs

Your jetty is a valuable asset to your home or commercial property, and any damage or deterioration needs to be assessed and repaired swiftly for your protection.

Our team will thoroughly inspect the condition of your jetty and provide all necessary repairs and construction needed to restore it to full strength and capacity – with minimum downtime.