Marine Construction

SMADS is thriving in Sydney, Australia as one of the most reputed and high-end marine construction companies. We provide maritime construction services with the most satisfying results that put our clients in awe. With skilled hands equipped with the right tools, marine construction is one of SMADS’s strengths. Now let us dive in deep to know why SMADS is the best among other marine construction companies in Sydney.

What is Marine Construction?

Maritime construction, as the name suggests, refers to the construction along the shoreline of a water body. Several valuable properties are often under threat as they are close to the ocean or sea. Maritime construction includes the building of any piece of architecture, primarily to protect properties near the water bodies from any damage. The purpose of naval construction companies is to build safe and worthy architectures for the clients along the shore. The building of architecture along the shore is highly tricky, and there are several unpredictable and dangerous outcomes too.

Why is Naval Construction Service best at SMADS?

SMADS’s naval construction services are top-notch as we have the skills that can cater to our client’s needs. Moreover, below mentioned are some other reasons why you should opt for SMADS out of all the maritime construction companies for marine construction:

● We have carpenters who excel in wharf and bridge building due to experience.
● SMADS provide unique and high-tech tools to the team for marine carpentry projects.
● Our skilled team can cater to a project for anyone. The client can be from the commercial, government, or private sector.
● There are no bounds to our services. We take up marine constructions for the smallest to the most significant projects ever.
● Some of the marine construction services we excel at are building slipways, pontoons, boat ramps, and much more.
● Our wharves (private or commercial) and jetties construction is also a benchmark of our services.
● We also partner with the engineers to deliver your desired design.

Our Naval Construction Projects at a glance:

There are numerous maritime construction projects that SMADS completed efficiently. We are proud of our architectural work under our naval construction services. A few of those projects are as follows:

● Installation of cleaning in Huon Fish Farm, maintaining and replacing nets.
● Refurbishment of Nowra Bridge
● Underwater cutting in HMAS Creswell
● Merewether Street Wharf Cathodic Protection and Sheetplie Repair.
● Critical Infrastructure Recovery of Freyysinet Garden Island in Stage Two.

Besides these, we skillfully accomplished several other projects with the help of our skilled and experienced team.